Propel Your Business Growth

Propel Your Business Growth

With Expert Marketing & Project Management Support

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Janka Saloka

After spending 21 years immersed in the business world, I came to understand a common struggle that business owners like you face. The constant demands, wearing different hats, and managing countless responsibilities can leave you feeling completely drained and pulled in every direction. It was this realization that ignited my passion to offer a helping hand – a complete solution that merges my strategic marketing know-how with project management support, all crafted to tackle the specific challenges you encounter.


Digital Marketing Services

Take a look at some of our most popular digital marketing services:

Our Email Marketing Strategy Plan is here to simplify your journey into the marketing world. It’s perfect for business owners that need help knowing where to begin with stretching their budget too thin.

Tired of putting in hours creating content but hearing crickets instead of customers? Lots of small business owners have been in your shoes. That’s where our Content Strategy Package comes in!

Are you looking to boost your business but don’t know what direction to go in? Our Full Scope Marketing and Content Strategy Plan is designed to give you the edge you need!


Executive Assistant & Project Management Support

We’re thrilled to help you with your business.

Calendar Management, including meeting scheduling, Travel Arrangements, Email and Communication Management, Documentation and Reporting, Vendor and Supplier Management, Database Management, etc.

Project Coordination, Client On boarding, Budget Management, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Quality Control and Assurance, Post-Project Analysis, & More!

We assist with CRM implementation to streamline customer interactions. We have worked with a variety of CRMs in the past, and are always open to getting to know others.