Content Strategy

  • Kick-Off Call (1 hour): Set the stage for tailoring your content strategy by delving into your business, gathering audience insights, and exploring long and short-term goals.
  • Content Audit: Receive a comprehensive Google content audit spreadsheet detailing:
    • Metrics Evaluation: Comprehensive insights into content performance.
    • Content Focus Assessment: Detailed analysis to guide content strategy refinement.
    • Actionable Next Steps: Clear steps for optimizing each content piece. Unlock invaluable insights to refine your content strategy
  • Customized Content & Social Media Strategy: A tailored strategy aligned with your business goals and ideal audience.
  • Custom Strategy Packet (15-20 pages in Canva): Includes audience analysis, pain points, tone, content creation guidelines, promotion strategies, and actionable recommendations. Your personalized roadmap to elevate content engagement.
  • Editorial Calendar Template: A structured Google Sheet calendar to organize and schedule content effectively.
  • Bonus – Evergreen Content Strategies: Identify and repurpose evergreen content to maintain a consistently engaging social media presence. Strategies for content that stand the test of time.

Package Price $900

Marketing & Content Strategy

  • Kick Off Zoom (1 hour): Lay the groundwork for success by exploring your business goals and values in-depth.
  • Marketing & Content Strategy Plan (25-35 page PowerPoint) Includes the following:
    • Current Market Analysis: Understand your industry position thoroughly.
    • Target Audience Assessment: Uncover both demographic and psychological characteristics for precise targeting.
    • Service/Product Positioning: Ensure your offerings align with audience needs.
    • Strategic Recommendations: Roadmap for impactful marketing.
    • Customer Journey Mapping: Create seamless and engaging experiences.
    • Content Strategy & Brand Voice Definition: Guide on crafting compelling, value-driven content and consistent communication reflecting your brand identity.
  • Strategy Plan Delivery Zoom (60 minutes): An interactive session to walk you through the plan, clarifying any questions.
  • Guidelines and Timeline of Next Steps: Clear instructions and a defined timeline for easy implementation of strategies.

Package Price $1,100

Explore Our S3 Framework for Marketing Success

At 3R Digital Consulting, we’re here to make marketing work for you. That’s why we designed our S3 Framework to be your guide in navigating the world of marketing. It’s not just a plan but rather a personalized strategy designed to fuel steady growth for your business.

  • Step 1: Strategic Blueprint
    •  Creating an effective marketing strategy starts with understanding your business at its core. Our 1 hour kick off call dives into understanding your values and goals, building a plan that fits your unique vision.
  • Step 2: Smooth Implementation
    • Once the plan’s set, we’re hands-on in making your marketing smoother. We refine the back end processes and help you choose the right tools. Working together we create strategies that really connect with your audience.
  • Step 3: Sustainable Growth Focus
    • It’s not just about a quick win; it’s about lasting progress. In this step we focus on steady growth by keeping an eye on the data and adjusting when necessary for continual growth.At 3R Digital Consulting, we are all about making marketing work for your business, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve created our S3 Framework to be your compass in navigating marketing success. It’s more than a plan. It’s a personalized strategy towards sustainable growth for your business.

Digital Marketing Services:

Transform Your Marketing with Our S3 Framework

At 3R Digital Consulting, we are all about making marketing work for your business, not the other way around. That’s why we’ve crafted our S3 Framework to be your compass in navigating marketing success. It’s more than a plan; it’s a personalized strategy towards sustainable growth for your business.

A strategic blueprint is the cornerstone of effective marketing. During a focused 1-hour kick-off call, we dive deep into understanding your business’s values and objectives. This lays the foundation for creating a personalized plan aligned with your unique vision.

With the blueprint in hand, we streamline the backend of your marketing. From fine-tuning crucial processes to guiding you in selecting the perfect marketing platform, we seamlessly integrate every aspect. Working closely together, we craft and execute strategies that resonate authentically with your audience, ensuring your message connects effortlessly.

Success in marketing isn’t a short-term sprint but a sustained journey. In our framework’s third phase, we focus on nurturing and scaling your efforts. Through data analysis and monitoring key performance indicators, we adapt strategies to ensure continual positive results.

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Project Management & EA Support

With our EA/Project Management services, we’re all about keeping your business engine running smoothly. From juggling calendars to making projects dance in harmony, we’re here to make your life easier. Our crew of seasoned pros doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We tailor our support to fit your unique needs. Let us handle the admin details while you steer your business towards success.

We’re the secret sauce behind a seamlessly organized schedule for peak productivity.

From start to finish, we’re the backstage crew keeping your projects on the right track.

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders, giving you more time to make those strategic decisions.

No cookie-cutter approaches here—we mold our services to fit your workflow and preferences.

When you team up with us, you’re gaining a partner dedicated to supercharging your operational efficiency. Think of us as that extra set of hands in your business, here to offer consistent support and help lighten your load so you can achieve your business dreams.

Ready to Streamline Your Operations?

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