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Categories: Featured

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Tired of chasing clients instead of them coming to you? As a service provider, your inbox is a constant buzz of juggling vendor emails, client deadlines, and the pressure of finding new business. But what if you could stop searching and start attracting loyal clients who come to you?

Google’s new email announcement for 2024 holds the key – and it could become your secret weapon for attracting loyal clients who come to you.

Why did Google make this change? Well, over the past few years, spam has clogged our inboxes. Google wants to fix this by making emails secure, user-friendly, and enjoyable. How? By requiring senders to be verified, have clear unsubscribe buttons, and deliver content their subscribers want to read. The goal is to receive emails from more trustworthy connections instead of spam.

3 Reasons to be Excited:

  • More inbox visibility: Forget the dreaded Promotions tab! Google rewards trustworthy senders with a coveted spot in the Primary tab, putting your business right in front of potential clients.
  • More loyal clients: Clear unsubscribe buttons let you say goodbye to subscribers who aren’t really interested in your services. Although your list might shrink, it will allow you to focus more on individuals who are ready to become your next clients.
  • Stronger connections: Google wants you to ditch the sales pitch and build relationships. It’s a great opportunity for you to become a trusted resource by sending personalized tips, genuine updates, and content your audience finds valuable. Doing so helps turn cold prospects into paying clients.

Consistency is king:

Even with Google’s new update, regularity is key. Now is the perfect time to start sending out a monthly newsletter to build connections instead of sporadic blasts. Maintaining consistency proves to Google that you’re a trustworthy sender worthy of the Primary tab.

Why every service-based business needs email marketing in 2024:

  • Cost-effective: Platforms like MailerLite and ConvertKit let you reach up to 1,000 subscribers for free.
  • Personalized communication: Unlike social media, you can see what resonates with your audience and tailor your content to their needs (Insert a picture of someone analyzing audience data on a computer screen).
  • Flexible as you grow: With 90% of the world checking email daily, reaching your audience and growing your list becomes effortless.

Haven’t tried email marketing or want to jump back in? Now’s the time! Got questions? Let’s chat on LinkedIn or leave your question in the comments. Think this could help other business owners? Pass it on!


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